Dr. Kenneth Sirocky, DDS



We strive to uphold an office philosophy that is critically consistent with the ever-changing field of Dental medicine.  This office philosophy is and has always been:

  • To treat every patient to the best of our ability on that given day.
  • To continually give our patients all of our combined knowledge.
  • To make intelligent, practical decisions that will contribute to their optimal dental well-being.

To ensure this Standard of Care, all patients will have an examination by the Dentist, a review of digital radiographs (the most advanced with little radiation), and a treatment planning conference.  Our hygienists will present an evaluation of what they have seen and will report this to the examining dentist for his consideration in determining such treatment.

In maintaining this Standard of Care, we strictly observe the following policies:

  • A recommended cleaning schedule related to the patients needs (i.e. 2, 3, or 4 times a year).
  • Taking radio graphs for decay discovery:
    • Adults - once every year.
    • Children - once every 6-12 months.
  • Full Mouth Series or Panorex radio graphs once every five years for the review of Periodontal disease, location of 3rd molars and Orthodontic treatment.
  • Preventative care in which fluoride and sealant treatments are highly recommended for our children.

It is always our pride and dedication to serve you and your families' dental needs as best we can.  If you have any questions, after visiting our website, please call us and together we will try to reach that obtainable goal of optimal dental well-being that you deserve.

A thorough examination will be completed on your first visit. A treatment plan will be reviewed on the next visit. To maintain dental health, a preventative follow-up will be regularly scheduled according to the individual patient's needs.

To help maintain that smile of health, our practice will provide you with the latest developments in dental science. We use digital X-rays for diagnostics that are unparalleled. The ability to transmit this data, easily and quickly, will greatly expedite your insurance claims. A few of our services include crowns, bridges, implants, veneers and whitening.

All of this is available in a gentle, caring and comfortable atmosphere, where you are treated as one of our family. And as one, for whom we have accepted the responsibility of your best dental health.



A firm foundation is needed upon which we can base recommendations for optimal dental health. Because the mouth is so important to each of us, your personal Dental Team will commit themselves to:

Share in a gentle and caring manner our knowledge and all the skills that modern dentistry can offer.

Restore teeth, gums and jaw muscles for function, maximum comfort and improved appearance.

Try our best as if we were treating our own mouth.

Involve you in learning about personal dental care to promote optimum oral health.

Provide possible alternatives to dental procedures.